church_innThe first minute book of Concord Lodge contains a record of a meeting held at the Church Inn, Prestwich, on 30th July 1874. The desirability of forming a Freemason’s Lodge was discussed at great length. It was stated that more than 20 brethren were resident in Prestwich and a Lodge near home would be very convenient and a success. It was resolved that steps should be taken to establish one. The George Inn, Prestwich was deemed ‘a very desirable place to hold the meetings’
In due course a Warrant was applied for and the Lodge was Consecrated on Thursday, 24th June 1875 at the George Hotel with twelve founding members. From March 1879 until February 1902 the venue was the Local Board Offices in Chester Bank.
On March 20th 1902 the Lodge met for the first time in the Club Rooms, Chester Street, which was to be home until February 1961 when a move was made to the Co-operative Rooms across the road.
The first meeting held in the present Lodge rooms took place in November, 1971
Prior to December 1902 the Lodge name was ‘Lodge Concord’ but in this month it became known as ‘Concord Lodge 1534’