Two days after our Old English Night we held our Annual Formal Dinner on Saturday March 19th. This again was a very enjoyable occasion with almost 50 members and guests sitting down to Melon Pearls with Blueberry Sorbet; Tomato, Sweet Pepper & Chorizo Soup; Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and Seasonal Vegetables; Forest Fruit Cheesecake and finished off with Cheese & Biscuits.

We were delighted to welcome back our former Lodge Secretary, Brian Marsden, with his wife Joy and 14 guests, who all certainly helped to make this a delightful evening.

It was also a pleasure to see, now retired, Jack and Margaret Higham joining us. However, there was a bit of a panic when it was realised the Jack’s staple diet of a large plain omelette had not been ordered. Chef Dave immediately sent out for half a dozen eggs, and quickly produced a large omelette, without even having a frying pan in the kitchen! Amazing.

Our entertainment was again provided by pianist Paul Walker, who sits and plays popular themes for three hours, without any music in front of him. Quite some talent!

The generosity of our members had provided 16 raffle prizes which, together with a quick game of ‘sit down bingo’, raised £262 for our Charity Fund.

Worshipful Master, Alan France, together with his wife Ann, thanked everyone for supporting the Lodge, especially the visitors, while their grandson, David, once again ably assisted Social Secretary, Gerry Russell, in the running of the evening. See the pictures in our Gallery


Almost 40 Lodge members and their guests attended our Old English Night on St Patrick’s Day, March 17th. On the menu was the inevitable Bury Black Pudding followed by a delicious Lancashire Broth. The Irish theme came with the Beef and Irish Ale Pie which was excellent. The sweet was apple sponge with custard to be followed by cheese & biscuits.

On the reverse of the table mat for the evening was a general knowledge quiz, the winner of which received a bottle of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. The usual fines were imposed by the Fines Master, Mike Parsons, with the option to buy an ‘Immunity Badge’.

After the meal entertainment was provided by ‘The Dodgers’ whose music and songs were obviously of an Irish nature. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was when our honorary organist, Stuart Ashworth, and our Inner Guard, Craig Harrison, joined the Dodgers playing on the Irish Bodhran Drum.

Altogether an excellent evening, with the bonus of having added £180 to our Charity Fund. See the pictures in our Gallery



There were only 13 brethren present at our February meeting but that did not deter from the enjoyment of both the duties in the Lodge or the Social Board that followed.

Somehow the DC managed to get a ‘volunteer’ to occupy each of the offices in the Lodge although the Inner Guard did have to double as Tyler!

Our honorary organist was to have given a presentation of the First Degree Tracing Board but unfortunately he was not able to attend.

Our Junior Warden of the evening stood in and gave an interesting resume of how the Tracing Boards had originated. The Secretary gave an impromptu reading of the minutes of this day in 1876 and our DC gave a short talk on the founding of Concord Lodge in Prestwich in 1875.

The meal at the Social Board was excellent. There was obviously no ‘Toast to the Visitors’ but the Junior Warden did stand to tell a couple of jokes. This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable social boards attended for quite some time and, although there were only 13 dining, a magnificent sum of £70 was raised in the raffle.

Quality not quantity was certainly the byword of the evening!

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  1. Gerry it was the jw who spoke about the history of the tracing boards, and yes the members present made a very enjoyable evening

  2. Gerry
    This website is excellent. I hope all members are accessing it as it would be an excellent place to let members know of the social events that are being planned for next year

  3. Gerry,great website that makes interesting reading and useful info for the brethren to view.
    I too agree that the drummers made the Old English night!!

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